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Day D – Drummond Day

Today, the last day of October, it would be the 118th birthday of Carlos Drummond de Andrade and he made himself eternal through his poetry. In 2011, the Moreira Salles Institute created in Brazil, the Day D – Drummond Day, to celebrate the life of one of our greatest poets, just as the Irish celebrate the life of writer James Joyce every year on June 16 with Bloomsday. By the way, if you look at some pictures of Drummond, you might find similarities in both writers: their elegance, the hat, glasses, moustache, their walks into eternity.

Hilda Hilst

Hilda Hilst (1930-2004) was a Brazilian poet, playwright, and fiction writer. She was strongly influenced by James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, and this influence appears in themes and techniques that are recurrent in their work such as the flow of consciousness and fractured reality.

Magic Making

The words hardly ever come together at once
Yet they interact, converse
Sing to each other as birds
And alight on my pen
Ready to be written


A salt stone  becomes part of the ocean — very little! — The soul remained lighter  than the body. The music, far beyond  the instrument. Of the lever,  its reason of being: the impetus. Only the seal remains, the finishing  of the work. The light which survives the star  and is its crown. The wonderful. […]