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In this edition of our Diaspora podcast, we chat with Alex Simiema. Alex is from Goias, in Brazil, he lived in Natal, Brasília, and also in California, London, France, residing today in Lisbon, circulating around Austria. A nomad? An explorer? Or is this would be a certain inquietude of an artist’s soul?


“Without art, there is no discovery.”
We start our conversation in our mother tongue, Portuguese, and then swap language at 26 minutes. As the English language teaches us a lot about the world, working as a portal to new voices, habits and cultures, like in Kenya, a destination where Juliana went for a social project with African children and it did change her life forever.

“The poet’s song”

Rafael Mendes is a poet. He came to live in Dublin in 2016. The following year he participated in the collection “32kg: An Anthology Brazil-Ireland” by Editora Urutau and published with the same publisher his first collection “an essay on beauty and chaos”, launched in Brazil and Europe. His poems have been published in magazines, radio, and soirees in Ireland.
In this conversation, we talk about art, chaos, beauty, love, and longing – a word full of meaning. We talked about memories – one of the raw materials of a poem – about languages ​​and Rafael’s experience in translations for the Diaspora magazine.