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Independence, Coffee and Diaspora

The origin of the “batuque” in São Paulo comes from African peoples, specifically the Bantu, and it passes for historical aspects of Brazil, as its independence, slavery and coffee plantations.

“Flor de Primavera” • New single release by song-writer Elly

Elly is a gaucho musician based in Dublin, Ireland for 5 years, where he has already released the EP “One the way home”, now releasing his new single “Flor de Primavera”

In Conversation • Leonardo Ramos

Leonardo Ramos is a photographer, musician and filmmaker. He is part of Harmundi, a Psychedelic folk music band, he sings, and plays a range of exotic flutes.

In Conversation • Pablo Santos

Pablo Santos is DJ, Music Producer from Brazil based in Dublin. He studied guitar at the Clube do Choro, in Brasília – Brazil. Some of his inspirations are the Bossa Nova, Elis Regina, Jorge Ben, Siba, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, Fela Kuti, and the rapper Kendrick Lamar.

In Conversation • Mila Maia

Mila Maia is from Santos, the coast of Brazil, based in Galway City, where she lives since 2018. Flutist and one of the founders of Oran, a traditional Irish music band from São Paulo, Brazil, her main project and area of research is traditional Irish music, including instruments such as the Irish Flute and the Tin Whistle. Besides working with Celtic music, she also works with several other music genres, such as “choro”, Brazilian Popular Music and classical music.

In Conversation • Marcio Tarktarov

Marcio was born in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, in Pernambuco, Brazil. He was born a percussionist, he was always banging on things. For him, anything is percussive: “cutlery, glass, water, our own body”.