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Sarau Maré

The language of poetry has the power of bringing worlds together by expressing and translating experiences, ways of seeing, memories and diverse feelings.
The project titled “Sarau Maré” was brought to Dublin to help connect, integrate and strengthen the Portuguese- speaking and Brazilian community through art and poetry.

A hummingbird in Dublin

Adriana Ribeiro performing at Sarau Maré, in Dublin.

“Sometimes I have symptoms of reality. I make training field of my dreams and ask myself, “Why do I wake up with sand in my eyes?” Maybe it is a race against time. “ She was asked on the street if she is an actress. Maybe she had some appearances on the stage, or maybe […]


A salt stone  becomes part of the ocean — very little! — The soul remained lighter  than the body. The music, far beyond  the instrument. Of the lever,  its reason of being: the impetus. Only the seal remains, the finishing  of the work. The light which survives the star  and is its crown. The wonderful. […]

Do you know what “SARAU” means?

“Sarau” is a word that originates from Latin (“sera nus” – evening), also through Galician “serão” (twilight), possibly derived from French “soirée” and Catalan “sarau”. The idea of ​​this cultural event arrived in Brazil in 1808, brought by the Royal Family, and it was the privilege of a select public (aristocrats and bourgeois). The soirees […]