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So This Is Christmas, by Luciana Damasceno

The list of Christmas songs on YouTube begins with Brazilian singer Simone crooning ‘Então é Natal’, a version of John Lennon’s ‘So This is Christmas’. It brings out both laughter and protests. Some believe the ex-Beatle must be turning in his grave because of what has been done of his song, but no one presses stop. Simone’s voice becomes the melody of a cold, dark night.

In Conversation • Leonardo Ramos

Leonardo Ramos is a photographer, musician and filmmaker. He is part of Harmundi, a Psychedelic folk music band, he sings, and plays a range of exotic flutes.

In Conversation • Father Kevin Keegan

Fr. Kevin Keegan is from Derry, Northern Ireland. Today he is based in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Galway City, but he has his heart split between Brazil and Ireland. The first time he went to Brazil was in 1987, for a mission that lasted two years, however, he could be living there until now if his destiny hadn’t taken him to another path. Even though he now lives in his home country, he still remains immersed in Brazilian culture by working as an honorary consul for the Brazilian Embassy and helping the community to pursue their “Irish dream life.”

In Conversation • Mila Maia

Mila Maia is from Santos, the coast of Brazil, based in Galway City, where she lives since 2018. Flutist and one of the founders of Oran, a traditional Irish music band from São Paulo, Brazil, her main project and area of research is traditional Irish music, including instruments such as the Irish Flute and the Tin Whistle. Besides working with Celtic music, she also works with several other music genres, such as “choro”, Brazilian Popular Music and classical music.

Magic Making

The words hardly ever come together at once
Yet they interact, converse
Sing to each other as birds
And alight on my pen
Ready to be written

In Conversation • Tarsila Krüse

Did you know that 40% of people in Ireland are able to communicate in Irish? Isn’t it amazing?! I’m proud to say that I am on my way through learning it.

In Conversation • Luci Collin

“Translating them into a culture and language like Brazilian Portuguese, considering how far away we are geographically and culturally, is a delicate compromise and, without thorough research, daring, as it may border on the superficial and mistaken.” Luci Collin, a fictionalist, poet and translator from Curitiba, has more than 20 published books, and a Jabuti award. She translated authors such as Gary Snyder, Gertrude Stein, E. E. Cummings, Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Vachel Lindsay, Jerome Rothenberg, Moya Cannon, among many others.