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In this edition of our Diaspora podcast, we chat with Alex Simiema. Alex is from Goias, in Brazil, he lived in Natal, Brasília, and also in California, London, France, residing today in Lisbon, circulating around Austria. A nomad? An explorer? Or is this would be a certain inquietude of an artist’s soul?

“Hills & Muscles” • by Renato Moraes

Renato Moraes (32) is from Pernambuco – Brazil and resident in Dublin, he was the director and photographer of the exhibition “Morros & Músculos” means “Hills & Muscles”, brought the concept of strength and perseverance of Brazilians, mixing photography with music and poetry in the Chapada Diamantina scenario.

“Red” • Photo Exhibition in Dublin

“Red – photography of feelings during and after lockdown” will be showcased from June 29 at the Fabi’s Grill Restaurant from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm, in Dublin.

“Desconfinar-te” • Art Exhibition in Lisbon

For this first post-confinement exhibition, the name could not be more explicit and will surprise art lovers, bringing a connection between Portuguese and Brazilian culture and with the harmony of artists with such different languages. Desconfinar-te will take place from June 25 at Mitó Creative Site, located at Rua de Arroios, 95 A – Lisbon

In Conversation • Tarsila Krüse

Did you know that 40% of people in Ireland are able to communicate in Irish? Isn’t it amazing?! I’m proud to say that I am on my way through learning it.

In conversation • Chiara Rucks

Chiara is an Art Curator and Museologist with 7 years of experience working in the cultural sector in Brazil, she also worked as a researcher and has experience in body agencies such as the Historical and Artistic Institute of Bahia. Chiara has been studying in Dublin Digital Marketing and strategies and she founded the group ArtiMultiBrazil.


I was born and raised in an environment disconnected from art. Back home, that was not a priority. Today, I even understand why. After all, how to give importance to something that is not well known? Or rather, how to prioritise art without having access to it? And that’s how I grew up: with very […]

Bouchra Khalili and The Mapping Journey Project

Truck found with 39 dead bodies. One tragedy arising from the other: illegal immigration. Yes, that’s right what you read. Illegal immigration is a tragedy, a milestone in the immigrant’s life that is accompanied by the hope of a better future. This is a tragedy, because, contrary to what many people think, it is not a […]