So This Is Christmas, by Luciana Damasceno

The list of Christmas songs on YouTube begins with Brazilian singer Simone crooning ‘Então é Natal’, a version of John Lennon’s ‘So This is Christmas’. It brings out both laughter and protests. Some believe the ex-Beatle must be turning in his grave because of what has been done of his song, but no one presses stop. Simone’s voice becomes the melody of a cold, dark night.

Independence, Coffee and Diaspora

The origin of the “batuque” in São Paulo comes from African peoples, specifically the Bantu, and it passes for historical aspects of Brazil, as its independence, slavery and coffee plantations.

Day D – Drummond Day

Today, the last day of October, it would be the 118th birthday of Carlos Drummond de Andrade and he made himself eternal through his poetry. In 2011, the Moreira Salles Institute created in Brazil, the Day D – Drummond Day, to celebrate the life of one of our greatest poets, just as the Irish celebrate the life of writer James Joyce every year on June 16 with Bloomsday. By the way, if you look at some pictures of Drummond, you might find similarities in both writers: their elegance, the hat, glasses, moustache, their walks into eternity.

“Flor de Primavera” • New single release by song-writer Elly

Elly is a gaucho musician based in Dublin, Ireland for 5 years, where he has already released the EP “One the way home”, now releasing his new single “Flor de Primavera”

In Conversation • Leonardo Ramos

Leonardo Ramos is a photographer, musician and filmmaker. He is part of Harmundi, a Psychedelic folk music band, he sings, and plays a range of exotic flutes.

In Conversation • Pablo Santos

Pablo Santos is DJ, Music Producer from Brazil based in Dublin. He studied guitar at the Clube do Choro, in Brasília – Brazil. Some of his inspirations are the Bossa Nova, Elis Regina, Jorge Ben, Siba, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, Fela Kuti, and the rapper Kendrick Lamar.


In this edition of our Diaspora podcast, we chat with Alex Simiema. Alex is from Goias, in Brazil, he lived in Natal, Brasília, and also in California, London, France, residing today in Lisbon, circulating around Austria. A nomad? An explorer? Or is this would be a certain inquietude of an artist’s soul?

In Conversation • Father Kevin Keegan

Fr. Kevin Keegan is from Derry, Northern Ireland. Today he is based in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Galway City, but he has his heart split between Brazil and Ireland. The first time he went to Brazil was in 1987, for a mission that lasted two years, however, he could be living there until now if his destiny hadn’t taken him to another path. Even though he now lives in his home country, he still remains immersed in Brazilian culture by working as an honorary consul for the Brazilian Embassy and helping the community to pursue their “Irish dream life.”

Hilda Hilst

Hilda Hilst (1930-2004) was a Brazilian poet, playwright, and fiction writer. She was strongly influenced by James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, and this influence appears in themes and techniques that are recurrent in their work such as the flow of consciousness and fractured reality.

“Hills & Muscles” • by Renato Moraes

Renato Moraes (32) is from Pernambuco – Brazil and resident in Dublin, he was the director and photographer of the exhibition “Morros & Músculos” means “Hills & Muscles”, brought the concept of strength and perseverance of Brazilians, mixing photography with music and poetry in the Chapada Diamantina scenario.