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So This Is Christmas, by Luciana Damasceno

The list of Christmas songs on YouTube begins with Brazilian singer Simone crooning ‘Então é Natal’, a version of John Lennon’s ‘So This is Christmas’. It brings out both laughter and protests. Some believe the ex-Beatle must be turning in his grave because of what has been done of his song, but no one presses stop. Simone’s voice becomes the melody of a cold, dark night.

“Flor de Primavera” • New single release by song-writer Elly

Elly is a gaucho musician based in Dublin, Ireland for 5 years, where he has already released the EP “One the way home”, now releasing his new single “Flor de Primavera”

Magic Making

The words hardly ever come together at once
Yet they interact, converse
Sing to each other as birds
And alight on my pen
Ready to be written