Who we are

“(…) Cannibalism alone unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically. The world’s single law. Disguised expression of all individualism, of all collectivisms. Of all religions. Of all peace treaties. 
Tupi or not tupi, that is the question.”

Oswald de Andrade wrote on his manifest of 1928.

Swallow borders, mores, languages and artistic expressions. Then spit to the world a diaspora of people, histories and stories, lines and words, pixels and colours.

The Diaspora magazine is created with the feeling of a world that expands and withdraws. We want to deconstruct ourselves, the foreigner, and dock in a space where everything and everyone are discovery: no guns and plagues brought by the colonizer, but rather, a world still plain, undefined and malleable to the uses of art. 

We, from the Diaspora magazine, have migrated from a country that we still call ours, however, we are no longer from one fixed place, we became citizens of the world. We don’t demand passports or documents with official stamps, only art as a response to forgetfulness.