Silêncio, Nilson Dourado’s new album

Silêncio” comes from two or more of me. It is a layered album, matured over slow fire, in the alchemy of time without time.

Nilson Dourado

Nilson Dourado is a musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Sao Paulo, living in Sintra, Portugal, since 2011.

His involvement with music happened when he was a boy, listening to his father singing boleros, samba-canção e toadas caipiras, also by his brother’s voice, whose style was rock and Popular Brazilian Music. Since then, he has dedicated himself to music. He graduated in viola caipira in EMESP – Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo. Self-taught clarinet, an instrument that became his passion, beyond electric guitar and bass.

Nilson also works with the musical production, producing albums and soundtracks to dance, theatre, circus and documentaries in Brazil and Portugal. He is recently part of a collective project called “Rua das Pretas”, created and hosted by composer Pierre Aderne. Rua das Pretas is a gathering of friends with wine and songs, aiming to connect people through the Lusophone music and culture.

His first album, “Sabiá”, independently launched in 2012, presents him as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and as a songwriter. “Sabiá” — a bird that met the silence and now flies towards us. 

Rua das Pretas. Photo: Nicole Sanchez

“This is an album of songs that invites you to listen to this current frenzy, where in general there is no time to listen, contemplate. Silence invites you to listen outside and look inside without losing sight of the horizon ., the stars and the invisible.

Silence is my best version. It’s where the various layers of me integrate into the being that I am. It’s meditation, it’s body, soul, sound, river path.”

This album has participation of the musicians Francisco Pellegrini, Walter Areia, Diogo Duque, Yedo Gibson, Raquel Reis, Susana Travassos, Tiganá Santana and Marília Shanuel. The recording is by Sérgio Milhano do Ponto Zurca, made in Almada. Video clips captured during the sessions by Helena Gonçalves, and then the lovely teaser.

The illustration is by the Spanish artist Elia Mervi. An art that, although silent, has a voice. A calm voice, just like Nilson Dourado’s voice.

This Sunday, October 24th at 19:30 (Portugal), 15:30 (Brazil) and 20:30 (Spain), do not miss the performance of Nilson Dourado, with songs from his albums “Sabiá” and “Silêncio”, as well as an extraordinary repertoire, which includes Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Dorival Caymmi and Milton Nascimento.

The concert will take place at Shamballah Yoga Retreats (Fontanelas) in person and online. To participate, register on the link below, and contribute the desired amount:

To support a “Silêncio” funding campaign, visit this link.

Cover Image: Elia Mervi.