I’m a watermill • Glauber Andorinha

I’m a watermill

And by wind, I’m bathed.  

Such good fortune is mine

In Ireland, I live. 

Behind, everything was left.

Everything that I possessed

All my yearning

To someone young,

I don’t disclose my age


I live something brand-new.

I didn’t cross the ocean to suffer

I’ve come to learn


When wind doesn’t blow

Nostalgia ploughs

And I’m throw away again

The water that flows 

From my shining eyes

Yes, this water! 

Swirls windmills

Glauber Andorinha is a child in an endless search that won’t end here. Passing through the world, with little luggage and money. Meeting incredible people, that he carries on his heart. Sharing happiness, telling his unimaginable stories. Always learning. Follow him on his Instagram @glaubito_andorinha.

[This poem was published in our first issue • “Connections Brazil & Ireland” • in Dec 2020]

Cover art: ‘Windmill’, acrylic on canvas by Mark AC.