Five minutes • Ronan Connolly

There is no time zone at the South Pole,

But time passes just like elsewhere.

So, people keep the time zone they came from – 

They bring their sense of time with them.

Maybe we all do this?

She’s only five minutes late.

But, it seems like an hour.

Why did she not reply?

Maybe she’s not coming?

Just then, she is in his arms.

Another five minutes.

Yet, somehow, the café is closing

And their untouched coffees have gone cold.

Five minutes until her bus takes her home.

Those last minutes disappear in a second – 

Yet they stay for days.

Reading of the poem ‘Five minutes’ by Ronan Connolly.

Ronan Connolly is an independent scientist, environmentalist, and writer. He studied Chemistry and chemistry/polymer physics and has interests and studies in the environmental area, and climate change. He dances Forró, plays guitar and piano, and writes poetry. His website is

[This poem was published in our first issue • “Connections Brazil & Ireland” • in Dec 2020]

Cover photo by Glauber Venturini.