Of Irish Descent • Marc Zegans

I caught your hair

between my fingers

and waited, till the sun

went down, to move

in gradual curve

along your soft neck

tracing the blackened

inner curl of waves

that ran higher

on the shore

as measured

by our feet

sand pulling

deep beneath

than when our faces

blistered in the light.

I took you then

to our fragile home

of interlude, and waves

crashing sandstone

knowing the tide would ease

your troubled sleep

but now your fair

Irish skin was alive

peeking from the folds

of my high bed

your hair turning silky

as we kissed

your seal coat buried

on distant shore


of coming turn to sea

when I, a Rumanian

landsman, would stare

over swell, and beds

of kelp, wondering

if once more you

would rise for me.

Marc Zegans reading of his poem Of Irish Descent and Mar Lima reading it in Portuguese.

Marc Zegans is a poet and creative development advisor. He is the author of six collections of poems, two spoken word albums and also immersive theatrical productions. The Snow Dead, based on Marc’s most recent collection debuted theatrically at the Lost Church during San Francisco’s 2019 Lit Crawl. Marc lives by the coast in Northern California. His poetry can be found at www.marczegans.com.

Originally published in his book The Underwater Typewriter.

[This poem was published in our first issue • “Connections Brazil & Ireland” • in Dec 2020]

Cover photo by Marluce Lima