Immersion in English Language • Carine Queiroz

The beauty of different habits and customs
Make my soul rich
Seeing the nobility of the English language
Allowing me to meet people from different cultures
Despite the daily challenges
the distance from my family
and my last comfortable job
I break barriers and challenge myself
Expanding my consciousness
And evolving
I carry in my memory what makes me be here
Bringing endless possibilities
Nourishing my being
Knowing how good it was
to have met you all

Carine Queiroz joined Law school through ProUni, a scholarship program in Brazil, she engaged in social movements while developing her writing skills. Coming from an oppressive religious background, it was in the academic universe that she came to a broaden realisation of the world, also questioning herself deeply. By embracing her sexuality, which contradicts the church and this system, she resists. Determined to leave everything behind, including college, she embarks on a cultural exchange in Ireland. Living the dream in Europe, were her essence was rescued, she recovers her talents, studying and fighting for her identity as a black woman, also poor and homosexual. She is part of the Latin Blood, a Marxist-oriented collective through which expresses art as a form of awareness and connection with what we truly are.

• Translation by Paola Benevides | Cover image by Marluce Lima.

[This poem was published in our first issue • “Connections Brazil & Ireland” • in Dec 2020]