Day D – Drummond Day

Today, the last day of October, it would be the 118th birthday of Carlos Drummond de Andrade and he made himself eternal through his poetry.

In 2011, the Moreira Salles Institute created in Brazil, the Day D – Drummond Day, to celebrate the life of one of our greatest poets, just as the Irish celebrate the life of writer James Joyce every year on June 16 with Bloomsday. By the way, if you look at some pictures of Drummond, (vide the featured one) you might find similarities in both writers: their elegance, the hat, glasses, mustache, their walks into eternity.

Eternal, like this poem by Carlos Drummond:

The Instituto Moreira Salles is celebrating his day online this year, with many videos about Drummond’s life, readings of his poems, and more.

You can find more information about the events here.