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How does theatre survive in the midst of a pandemic? The Lock Inn was created to set the scene, promoting a new experience of online and physical presence simultaneously. The production of the Reboot Live Event is exactly like this: people watching the streaming from their homes and an audience of ten people physically, respecting social distance in the International Bar in Dublin.

Reboot Live presents 18 new Irish plays, presented as six collections of triple bills, specially written for the event, over three weeks, involving 50 writers, directors and actors. Each piece features a cast of two socially distant performers telling a human story, some funny and some sad. Just like life is: storm and calm, not necessarily following an order.

“Saudade” is part of Collection 5, written by André Silveira, a performance in the Portuguese language by Brazilian actor resident in Dublin Rodrigo Ternevoy and English language by Irish actor Barry John Kinsella.

As many know, the word “saudade” is Brazilian’s favourite word, especially for those who have crossed the ocean to live in another country.

“I had to cross the ocean to be who I was supposed to be at home”

The play “Saudade” is about homesickness, but it is also about a common pain between the LGBT community and individuals who do not feel fit in their own homes, who feel the constant need to demand the respect they should have in any place.

“The plane was a big closet on wings, which I had to come out when I arrived in Ireland.”

The feeling of longing is broadened by the consequences of the pandemic, where the freedom to come and go is restricted. The bedroom door becomes a wall of protection and solitude.

A touching, realistic play in both normal and exceptional times.

For more information about “Saudade” and other collections, access their website: www.thelockinn.io.

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