“Flor de Primavera” • New single release by song-writer Elly

Elly releases “Flor de Primavera” in his new project that emerged during the quarantine.

Elly is a gaucho (born in South of Brazil) musician based in Dublin, Ireland for over 5 years, where he has already released the EP “One the way home”. 

After going to Brazil for a little while, he took good advantage of the quarantine moment to release his new single “Flor de Primavera”, inspired by the atypical period that we are living.

The music has a “Folk” style, characteristic of Ireland, combining POP MPB, in addition to traces of South American music, which leaves the sound with a different proposal. The current period aroused in people the most variety of feelings, mainly due to social distancing, causing many people to postpone their moments together, so the lyrics of “Flor de Primavera” proposes a reflection on just that: time, distance, and also hope.

The song was recorded by Noise Produtora, from Caxias do Sul – RS, with the musical production by Carlos Balbinot, mixed by and mastered by Fabrício Zanco, from Noise Audio (Caxias do Sul) and his clip produced in Santa Rosa – RS. 

Launched on August 28, it is available on the main streaming platforms. You can also check out this and future works on his Instagram page here and listen to it on Spotify.