“Red” • Photo Exhibition in Dublin

The exhibition “Red – photography of feelings during and after lockdown” by photographer Renato Moraes, with curation by Chiara Rucks will take place on June 29, in Dublin.

This is the second exhibition in Dublin curated by the museologist Chiara Rucks, from Porto Alegre – Brazil, who had her first collective exhibition last year called “Sweet Dublin’s Life,”  as part of her collective project Artmulti Brazil. The exposition counted with participants from Brazil and Ireland:  illustrator Renato da Cunha, photographers Hélio Araújo and Hugo Vasconcelos, and the Irish painter Sheila Flaherty.

For this solo exhibition, Chiara seeks to shape sensations and feelings experienced during the lockdown period as well as bringing to the public reflections on the consequences of this into people’s lives.

Renato Moraes (32) is from Pernambuco – Brazil and directed the exhibition “Morros & Músculos” in Pernambuco last year. In a free translation “Morros & Músculos” means “Hills & Muscles”, brought the concept of strength and perseverance of Brazilians, mixing photography with music and poetry in the Chapada Diamantina scenario.

Involving fashion photography and photojournalism, Renato’s critical eye has been adding themes of political and social relevance to his work. Beyond the use of composition, colors, and technical skills, he is always seeking to innovate, and his processes result in self-knowledge and self-growth, not only for him but also for the photographed person and the audience.

“Red – photography of feelings during and after lockdown” will be showcased from June 29 at the Fabi’s Grill Restaurant from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm, in Dublin.

It is worth remembering that the current security and social distance measures for restaurants in Dublin must be followed.

More information on the link of the event here.