“Hills & Muscles” • by Renato Moraes

Renato Moraes (32) is from Pernambuco – Brazil and lives in Dublin. He was the director and photographer of the exhibition “Morros & Músculos” in Pernambuco – Brazil, last year. In a free translation “Morros & Músculos” means “Hills & Muscles”, an exhibition that brought the concept of strength and perseverance of Brazilians, mixing photography with music and poetry.

Set in the impressive scenery of natural beauty that is the Chapada Diamantina – Bahia, with peculiar rock formations, bubbling waterfalls, clear water like mirrors, and lush native vegetation, MORROS E MÚSCULOS was born as a perceptual photographic record of the symbiotic relationship established between humans and the physical space in which it exists.

Conceived as a tribute to the people from Chapada, these photographs have the mission of unveiling the eyes of those who visit it, to the essence of a people who are so integrated with the elements of nature, where they merge and confuse.

It is this natural metamorphism of the human component of the Chapada Diamantina with the physical characteristics of the geographical space they occupy.

Here are some of his works on the exhibition “Morros & Músculos”:

You can also check out the solo photo exhibition Renato is taking part in Dublin: “Red – photography of feelings during and after lockdown” and find more about Renato Moraes on his Instagram page.

• text by Renato Moraes