“Desconfinar-te” • Art Exhibition in Lisbon

Art is the process that distills all the impacts of our society.  No matter where and how it will always be present in our day-to-day and sometimes ends up going unnoticed.  Sometimes people also appear willing to make art more noticeable and closer to the viewer.

It is the proposal of Alex Simiema, an artist from Goiás, based in Lisbon, who starts a new step in his career with the intention of bringing all his worlds to the world of art.  From a very young age, the Simiema moved between the Cerrado of Goiás and the stone jungles of European cities.  His connection with environmental law, his family ties, and his visits by different tribes around the world directly shaped – and still shape – his art.  Working with wool, graphite, clay, acrylic, and believing that every form of art is the reservoir of all human vigor, this young 27-year-old artist brings to his work the vitality of being.

Alex Simiema painting “Amantes”

Multifaceted, he is a poet and visual artist, from the straight lines of his poetry to the curves of his paintings, Simiema has always been concerned with how the classic could suit modern times and what his participation in this process might be.  A lover of urban art and a fan of contemporary knitting, he is the creative director of Brasil Mata Viva, a conservation movement of which he is also a founder.  Currently, he is a candidate for a place at the Austrian Academy of Fine Arts, participates in art contests around the world, and prepares his first exhibition open to the Lisbon public.

With works produced as psychological therapy during the most critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Simiema brought to his canvases all the worries of what he missed most, the street musicians, the night drags, the elite on Avenida Liberdade and the loves impossible.  In a mix of emotions and colors, his works invite us to contemplate the mind of this young artist and it shows us that the arts converse with each other, regardless of the artist.

This is the central proposal of his first exhibition for the Lisbon public, dubbed Desconfinar-te and which happens together with other renowned artists in the Portuguese scene such as André Maia e Moura and Sara Maria, from Mitó, a creative hub located in Arroios that believed in and welcomed Simiema.

For this first post-confinement exhibition, the name could not be more explicit and will surprise art lovers, bringing a connection between Portuguese and Brazilian culture and with the harmony of artists with such different languages.  Desconfinar-te will take place from June 25 at Mitó Creative Site, located at Rua de Arroios, 95 A – Lisbon at 5 pm, and will have a limited audience due to DGS guidelines.

“Tupã-tronik: the rain gods”

A reflection on pollution and urban life, using the reference to Tupi culture to bring a cyborg version of the rain gods in the form of pollution and acid rain.

70x140x4 cm, mixed media on canvas.  2020.

“Macunaíma finds Muiraquitã”

This work represents a resumption of some themes opened by Mário de Andrade in his 1928 book “Macunaíma: the hero without a character”. This work seeks to visually represent the Magical Realism proposed by Andrade and offer an epilogue to the book in the form of an alternative ending

60x120x4cm, mixed media on canvas.  2020.

“Anhanguera in the Martyrdom Hills”

The central theme of this work is the search for the mythical Serra dos Martírios done by Anhanguera in the hinterlands of Brazil, which took place upon indigenous genocide, black slavery and environmental devastation, justified by the promise of prosperity promised by the fabulous riches of the supposed Serra. This search would eventually ruin Anhanguera himself, leading him to die in poverty in Vila Boa de Goiás. Within an iconoclastic proposal, Anhanguera himself is represented as a demon of gold and copper.

70x140x4cm, mixed media on canvas.  2020.

When and where:

 From June 25 at 5 pm

 Location: Mitó Creative Site – Rua de Arroios, 95 A, Lisbon

• text by Alex Simiema & João Melo

For more works of Alex Simiema and to purchase some of his arts access here this website P55.