Magic Making • Elaine Brennan

My creativity comes in fragments

That swirl in the clouds above my head

As I stare aimlessly out of my window

The words hardly ever come together at once

Yet they interact, converse

Sing to each other as birds

And alight on my pen

Ready to be written

When my mind is at peace

They descend to earth

When I am emotional

They cascade in all directions

When I sleep

They float in and out

To the sound of background music in my dreams.

This is my world

It is part of me

And part of the world outside

Internally and externally tangible

Humans are bracing for apocalypse

Yet we are reconnecting with ourselves

We will always choose to interact with words

As long as we choose to create

Magic from madness.

Elaine Brennan, lives in leafy Lucan on the outskirts of County Dublin and wrote her first poem at the age of nine. She is an avid book hoarder and love nothing better than sitting outdoors reading in the sunshine. Her favourite poet is our own John Montague, although she also likes Keats, Wordsworth and Donne.

[This poem is part of the magazine “Connections Brazil & Ireland” • First Issue Dec 2020, available here.]

Photo: Glauber Venturini

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