In conversation • Chiara Rucks

Chiara is from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (South of Brazil). She is an Art Curator and Museologist with 7 years of experience working in the cultural sector in Brazil, she also worked as a researcher and has experience in body agencies such as the Historical and Artistic Institute of Bahia. Chiara has been studying in Dublin Digital Marketing and strategies and she founded the group ArtMultiBrazil.

Chiara, what is it and how did you come up with the idea of creating the project ArtMultiBrazil?

When I first arrived in Dublin around 2 years ago I was expecting to find a strong Brazilian artistic community because we have so much to offer and so much in common with the Irish people and culture. But I just found a few people just like me, trying to do a few things with the best they had in their hands but totally disconnected from each other. Then I decided to create this collective project to help us support each other’s projects. I really believe that if we hold hands and work for the same purposes we can go anywhere we want. 

Now our group counts with around 40 artists, we have photographers, designers, illustrators, dancers, actors, singers, journalists. And we have Irish painters as well. 

Your first exhibition was called “Sweet Dublin’s Life” happened last year. How was the response from artists and audiences with the exhibition?

That was our first project and I can tell it was a success. We used marketing strategies to disclose the exhibition and of course with our team effort we made it happen in the best way. We had 5 artists that were extremely efficient in delivering  what they were asked for and we had around 100 people in just 2 hours. It was a cold Monday evening one week after the new year and everybody was happy to be there and they were telling us how nice it was to have this alternative activity in the city. I just can’t wait for the next one.

In situations, as we face now, ART is the first thing to be eliminated from most people’s lives, does this make a huge impact in Art and Culture or is it a moment to stop and create?

Yes, it is a big problem that art is seen sometimes just as entertainment. The main reason why art exists is to help us see the world and ourselves in different ways. Most of all it is here to make us think, think about our behaviour, what we can change and who we are. When you attend an exhibition, watch a movie, or listen to a song they make you think about something or they make you feel comforted that someone feels the same way that you do about something. So most of all art is a therapy as well. So I think it is an important moment for the artists as well to figure out how they feel about all of this and express themselves, but whatever they are feeling on the canvas. It is also a healing process for themselves. Some of them usually need time by themselves to create away from everything else. So my advice is to try to focus not on the situation but on how we can make the best out of ourselves in this dedicated moment.

What do you think now, with our lives behind the screen, is there a relation between art and technology?

I believe we need to adjust ourselves not only now but as someone that lives in the 21 century we need to constantly learn new ways to connect art and technology.  This is not just for us it is a challenge for everybody. It is a tool that can and needs to be used to support our work. Technology gives us free visibility. We can’t make physical events and exhibitions now but we can improvise and do what we are doing now and also, with the social media tools we can get to know our audience, understand who they are, why they love us or not. We can share content, promote our work, share experiences, teach and learn from each other and most of all we can use that for free. So I really believe that technology is an ally, not an enemy. 

What is the next step, and plans for the future of your project?

We are preparing another group exhibition about Brazil, for when this is all over but by now we have created our Instagram page that was at first designed to showcase our events but now I am promoting the artist’s works and I am preparing a calendar with art tips for the public and for artists because they have their questions sometimes about pricing and other things and I want to help them with that. We also have a website  —- where you can see our profiles, activities, where you can get in touch with us to make any partnership, and also make donations as well through go fund me if anyone is interested in supporting our work.

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