Love’s a fire that burns out of sight

Love’s a fire that burns out of sight;

It’s a wound, yet a painless torment;

It’s a discontent sense of contentment;

It’s a pang, yet unbearably slight.

It’s caring with just enough intent;

It’s feeling lonely among the crowd;

It’s an unfulfilled sense of contentment;

It’s losing and yet being proud;

It’s being a slave ‘n submitting willingly;

It’s being the winner ‘n wanting to serve;

It’s confronting your foe with loyalty.

But how can it be possibly deserve

To find in human hearts amity,

So self-contradictory being Love?

Luis de Camões (c. 1524 – 1580)

“A Little Anthology of Portuguese Poems”

Translated by Ana-Maria Chaves