The life abroad are phases

The life of an expat is a life lived in phases, there is no permanence.

Life anywhere is a succession of cycles opening and closing.

But leaving away from homeland these cycles are more like steep roller coaster trails than the harmonic circle used as a symbol in certain ideologies.

A new house, a new job, an unexpected love or an amazing friendship, a lot happens overnight.

We are constantly subject to change, it is as if life waits for the last second to remember what it planned for our path.

Suddenly, it happens.

Living in distant lands is learning to do your part, but trusting that the universe is also a player in the game of life.

It is learning to live each moment knowing that it will pass.

There are the party, revelry and joy phase. The phase of crying and “I’m going to go home” even when we are already in the phase that the house itself is no longer in the country we left.

There are times when we are completely connected to our native culture and others when we abandon everything and immerse ourselves in the new. We occasionally encounter familiarities in the new.

At first, everything is very fleeting, most are not even here to stay, yet there are pains that seem to be eternal. They’re not, it’s just a phase.

Time causes the routine to calm down and the heart to settle, at least until the next transformation.

When we live in the same place we can see all the possibilities, when we travel the possibilities are so numerous that we can’t even see them.

So when something seems to “fall into your lap” it is, in fact, something that we unconsciously conquered without even having a road map.

After leaving the security of the home they do not teach us how to do it, we do it our way, but it almost always works.

They are phases that come and go endlessly, there is no way to predict the next one.

Since a new home is created, any other moving means “living abroad”, when we remain we are living abroad if we return we will also leave this place behind.

After packing for the first time there is no more constant, the only way to live is little by little, one phase at a time.