Sarau Maré

“We want our words to be waves so that they can navigate the oceanic currents, kiss the feet of the mountains, blow in the wind in search of lives floating on saltwater. We want the world to hear the voice of the ocean as if it was our heart beating. High tide of poetry.”

The language of poetry has the power of bringing worlds together by expressing and translating experiences, ways of seeing, memories and diverse feelings.
The project titled “Sarau Maré” was brought to Dublin to help connect, integrate and strengthen the Portuguese- speaking and Brazilian community through art and poetry.

“Sarau” is a word that originates from Latin (“sera nus” – evening), also through Galician “serão” (twilight), possibly derived from French “soirée” and Catalan “sarau”.
Through this project, we have been able to bring Brazilian poets, writers, and artists together for periodic meetings dedicated to the dissemination of Portuguese language and Brazilian arts

Traditionally, Saraus are intimate gatherings held in the living room or often gardens of participants and art enthusiasts.  

On this special occasion, Sarau Maré took part in the Festival Mother Tongues, in Dublin – as a bilingual format: English and Portuguese – we even had some presentations in Irish Gaelic. It was the third edition of the Festival and the eighth edition of the Sarau, held in Rua Red, Tallagh, on 22nd February 2020. A very special date as well as it was the first publication of their zine, designed by Éamon Mag Uidhir.

Videos of the poems go to the YouTube Channel and we are featuring here the poem “Sheperd’s Song”, by Éamon Mag Uidhir:

Stay tuned for more Brazilian and Portuguese-language poetry, and you can also order your zine through the Sarau Maré page.

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