Antonio Paes, from Olinda to Dublin

ANTONIO PAES, is from Olinda – Recife.

Antonio Paes works in the areas of art and design. He participated in collective exhibitions such as Arte em Toda Parte 2003 and 2010, XV IMIP Art Exhibition, doing his individual in 2015. He developed the graphic project for the Recife Carnival Brand among the years 2010 and 2012 with Bete Paes. Graphic designer responsible for the Interference Space Janete Costa this 2010. Artist selected for the Cow Parade Recife 2017 Project. Took part in the exhibitions “All women in the world” – Plaza Shopping 2018, Cria # 4 Fair, Mercado Capitão ed. 05, BOMBINI Festival, Feira Cria # 8. Antonio also facilitated Stencil Workshop at Caixa Cultural Recife 2019 and at Cais do Sertão 2019.

His most recent works were Crab Painting for Shopping Rio Mar 2019, and in the exhibition “Olinda, the city of artists” – Eufrásio Barbosa Market 2019.


“I started walking around the city and capturing it in my art.”

Dublin, second half of 2015, trip to the unknown, new world, international, english, study english every day, life change, obligations, responsibilities, design. That trip marked my life, I made myself an artist in that unknown city. I immediately looked for a place to live and then I immediately looked for an art supply store. I then bought a nakin paint, the brush I already had, I took it here from Brazil, and I also took a blank notebook with pencil, pen, etc. So as soon as I arrived I already had drawing material and since the first day I set foot in Dublin I started to draw.
I stayed in the neighborhood called Seville Place in Dublin 2, a good place to live, close to the port. From then on I started to study English and get involved with the people in my living room and home and started getting involved with the city, I fell in love with Gothic architecture, the signs of the pubs written with Celtic letters, the world of art in Dublin, the world of Design in Dublin and Celtic art mainly, The book of Kells with its illuminations, was why I was inspired to make a very detailed and well finished drawing. I started walking around the city and drawing the city.
Sequence of drawings:
Saturday, September 12, 2015.
I was walking on the banks of the River Liffey and discovered that there were benches on the banks of the river, a living area with a very large bench from end to end at the entrance to the exit of the space, I went in there and sat down, had a snack. I looked at those old buildings and started to draw. I remember that before going to Dublin I was doing a lot of observation drawing, I remember that I did a lot of observation drawings on this trip, all of which are from bars and bands playing live. It is. In two days I made two more drawings from this series.
Saturday, August 29, 2015.
That Saturday I had nothing to do and decided to go to the city to discover new places, at 27 Westmoreland and found Cassidy’s. I drank a beer, and made this drawing, at the time a girl sat in front of me and then drew her on the scene, tried to figure all the characters in the scene and copy a carved wooden partition present in the architecture of the space.
3.Le Prechaun:
Thursday, October 22, 2015.
That day I was doing this drawing and I was reading seeing images of Le Prechaun and discovering the importance of this character for the Irish, so the drawing I was doing was not the Leprechaun of Beginning, because I made a background with a graphic that represents the musicality present in Dublin, nightclubs, electronic music and traditional Irish music, a mixture of different rhythms and values ​​in the same city, pulsating, and then I made a wall in the head of the central character that was the face of Le Prechaun, and that had a lot of repercussions in what I experienced myself, my vision in this city, as if I saw myself there as Le Prechaun between traditional music and electronic music.
4. Irish Eletronic Music:
Monday, October 12, 2015.
This drawing presents the same theme, the representation of musicality present in Dublin, the traditional and the electronic. I see in this drawing the portrait of Hall at the Moon and Dicey’s Garden. Dublin nightclubs. Dancing, people, exchanges, music, beer, fun. Portrait of an exchange student in an unknown city. Living in a new house, holding your bar, minding your own business. Music is life!!!
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