AMBI – Keeping Brazilian culture alive in Ireland

AMBI (Association of Brazilian Families in Ireland) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2010 in Dublin.

The organization is an independent initiative whose mission is to keep Brazilian culture alive for families living in Ireland.

AMBI aims to provide coexistence among Brazilian families living in Ireland and to keep alive the culture and language of Brazil among expatriates. Photo: AMBI

Today, the Association is headed by four women, who are divided according to their areas of knowledge: Education, Administration and Finance, Social Assistance and Communication.

In addition to Portuguese classes, AMBI offers support for Brazilians living in Ireland and also promotes projects and cultural events (such as the typical June fest and Carnival).

Portuguese classes are open to children over 2 years of age and follow the literacy method called POLH (Portuguese as a Language of Inheritance). The pedagogical practice was developed by Brazilian academics and educators for the children of Brazilian immigrants who grow up abroad, in order to reaffirm the cultural identity inherited by one or both parents, promoting cultural heritage and bilingualism in families.

“The role of POHL is to provide children with the opportunity to develop intercultural competence with greater understanding of a parent’s (or both) country of origin and to contribute to their bilingual growth as a dynamic, challenging process and positive benefits already proven in research on bilingualism. ” – AMBI

Photo: AMBI

AMBI was the first Brazilian association elected to represent the city of Dublin at the Pride of Place Awards, which recognizes community projects in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Recently, at one of the events organized and hosted at AMBI, a theft occurred and a founding was created to help them recover from the loss, given that the organization is non-profitable and teachers are paid for student tuition.

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