A hummingbird in Dublin

Adriana Ribeiro performing at Sarau Maré, in Dublin.

“Sometimes I have symptoms of reality. I make training field of my dreams and ask myself, “Why do I wake up with sand in my eyes?” Maybe it is a race against time. “

She was asked on the street if she is an actress. Maybe she had some appearances on the stage, or maybe that is this verisimilitude: she ends up confusing herself with someone, because she passes by the world and does not go unnoticed. She is someone who stays. A strong presence, a penetrating look.

She authentically says what comes to her mind as if she were some kind of medium or even a witch.

Can be it! She may have a kind of magical power, one who plays with fire accurately, one who reads minds and pulls a certain interpretation from the sleeve. 

Adriana seems to read that half-line of a story, and that’s enough to fill in the lacks. That half line that changes the course of a story. A half line that serves as a warning and also as a way to continue believing that anything is possible to happen.

This half line is always a risk, she knows. But a risk that, in some ways, is always worth taking, preferably by a pint, a glass of wine or even eating an apple.

At the very least, a story comes out. At most, several stories will come out. Living a story with her is always interesting. Amid the small and rare breaks of any of the three or four jobs, she walks around streets of Dublin, at college break or flies around the world like a bird. There will always be a story to tell, and no doubt she would tell you.

She tells. She says. She needs to talk.

With the voice as penetrating as the eyes. With the unruly waves of her hair, sometimes black, sometimes red, she also dares to speak by the way she walks. Sometimes purposeful and sometimes a natural distraction like a hummingbird with a set time to flap its wings.

Everything about her says something. Sometimes screams. Sometimes sings.

And I do not doubt that her singing leads us to curious destinations.

“I am in the smell of your hair, in your sheets, in your coffee mug and in your toothbrush. Estou inteiramente em você and in the things I seem to be only memories. ‘Cause in your dialogues and in your future I am not in. I am just – in myself and it has to be enough”


Adriana Ribeiro, also known as “bizunnga”, – name given by her mother, because her land is how it is called a hummingbird bird – besides poet and writer, is currently developing a play “On The Edge”, a project that makes us reflect about fear and bureaucracy in society.

Adriana has a degree in Radio and TV in Brazil. Moved to Dublin in 2015. She currently studies Cinema in Dublin. She has poems published in the collection “[An Anthology Brazil-Ireland]” by Urutau; and poems published in the “FLARE” zines, organized by “The Sunflower Sessions”.

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