Do you know what “SARAU” means?

“Sarau” is a word that originates from Latin (“sera nus” – evening), also through Galician “serão” (twilight), possibly derived from French “soirée” and Catalan “sarau”.

The idea of ​​this cultural event arrived in Brazil in 1808, brought by the Royal Family, and it was the privilege of a select public (aristocrats and bourgeois). The soirees have taken on more democratic forms over time, and today they are scattered throughout Brazil’s schools, cities, and suburbs without distinction.

The language of poetry has the power of bringing worlds together, bringing out experiences, ways of seeing, memories and diverse feelings. For these reasons and for the further integration and strengthening of our Brazilian community, we brought the soiree to Dublin in order to connect and get closer to the different worlds of those who came from the same point of the globe, Brazil.

Titled “Sarau Maré”, the project has brought together Brazilian poets, writers, musicians and artists for periodic meetings dedicated to the dissemination of Portuguese language and Brazilian culture through poetry and art.

Following the tradition of the event, the Saraus are intimate gatherings, in the living room or even in the gardens of the houses opened by participants or art enthusiasts. Therefore, the invitation is sent individually by email to those interested in participating. Space is informal and free for interaction and expression, every word is heard and felt, and every sound makes us vibrate for a more poetic world.

Interested in attending or hosting a meeting in your space, please email us at [email protected] The performances are recorded, and the material is broadcast on the “Sarau Maré” YouTube channel .

More information about the project and upcoming meetings is available on the Facebook page @maresarau or Instagram @saraumare.

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